Sunday, 15 January 2017

Malifaux Update - Tournament Prep

I have recently decided to join my mate Matt in going to a doubles tournament in April.

So in that vein to start it off have started working on the guild models...

The top model is a witching stalker and the bottom is Sonnia is going to end up a deed red but wanted a nice streak of pink through it

Monday, 2 January 2017

New Year - Malifaux Games

So I have decided I really want to push Malifaux this year, not just for myself but in my little community as well, as we are a heavy GW meta.

Today, I got the pleasure of playing two games with my friend Stew at Malifaux (there was some proxying to help work out what he wanted to play) but overall was a good laugh.

Two Games were played with a heavy killing focus (although we did flip it both times) and we played Guild vs Arcanists for both these games.

Game 1: Perdita vs Ironsides
Focus: Kill Stuff, Hold the Whore House

Game 2: Hoffman vs Ironsides

Below is a few pictures from our games.

Rail Golem (Proxied by Lazarus) chasing down Hoffman at the Moonshine Distillery (Hoffman eventually escaped with some magnetism pulls)

The Board for Game 2 with Scenery purchased from TT Combat

Game 1: Perdita and Papa Loco start pushing towards Ironsides (Vik proxy) to claim back the Burlesque House.

Game 1: When Ironsides kept screaming nonsense at my Guard, drawing him in so she could lay the smack down on him.

Game 1 Board: Town fight, where people got hung in many ways.....

Thursday, 29 December 2016

RTD:Wargames - Batrep2

Battle Report Attempt Number 2

500pt Escalation Campaign Game

Comments Welcome

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Quiet Time Over Christmas

A quick update as it is Christmas...

Got in a total of two games for the Escalation Campaign, the first was against James (which we filmed) and a shortform battle report test video will be following shortly) and the second was against Callum's Deathwatch.

For the escalation campaign, it was pick a 500pt Force and escalate it 250 every month (with a bit of map shenanigans to keep it going).

My force is:

- Patriarch, Level 2
- 10 Hybrids with a Leader, Grenader Launcher and Flamer (x2)
- Magos, Level 1
- 5 Purestrain Genestealers
- Subterranean Uprising (6 Acolytes, 5 Acolytes, 5 Metamorphs)
- Armoured Sentinel with Lascannon

A lot of models for 500pts and just through sheer weight of numbers, was able to table both my opponents....when you can roll the warlord trait choose your ambush result, you will always pick a 6 and wreck face!

I also visited somerset, and caught up with the lovely people at Wargaming at Radstock. An awesome club I used to be a very active member of, when I lived in the area. They play a wide range of systems and shameless plug for the club that still holds my hobby home!

The facebook group for these guys is here: Facebook - Wargaming at Radstock

I had a very enjoyable two games of Malifaux, the first against Gav and the second against my friend Matt.

It re-kindled my desire to play Malifaux so have invested in terrain and am going to be running intro's with my friends and get more on board.

I got a great deal on a load of terrain from:

3mm MDF that i look forward to using in my upcoming games of Malifaux.

When it arrives and is assembled i will be showing off the pieces.

2017 Goals:

Get playing more Malifaux (and actually get it painted)
Develop the blog more - videos and one shots games
Focus on a single project for each system at once *ooo something shiny*

Monday, 12 December 2016

Chaos Space Marines - Slannesh Warband (Based off EC)

So having read traitor legions, cover to cover, multiple times....

Although all of the Legions are really cool and interesting (still loving the new Thousand Sons Models)

After further reading of this beauty:

Alongside my Genestealer Cults army, I am going to create a Slannesh Warband, using the frame work for Emperor's Children to start the Warband and then add more as my Lord rallies people to his cause from other factions.

Having been a big fan of the mutations of Fabius Bile, I have created my own Lord (Picture to follow in a future post) based on the ideas of the lord mutating his warriors to help in the cause. (Made up from a marine, space marine commander, heresy armour, Sanguninary Guard Head and a Apothercary backpack). 

Effectively, Going for:

Chaos Lord, Mark of Slannesh, Veterans of the Long War, Sigil of Corruption, Bolt Pistol and *Blissgiver* 

Blissgiver = Daemon Weapon with a you take a unsaved wound, leadership test or remove from play.

The Basic Army List:

Chaos Lord (as above)
2 x Marine Squads 
1 x Terminators
1 x Raptors
1 x Havoc

Chosen of Chaos
Daemon Prince
3 x Possessed

Very much going for the heavily mutated warriors that have been experimented on. 


Sunday, 11 December 2016

Busy Week - 40K Game

It has been a busy week with not a lot of hobby progress.

I did however get a 1000point game against Grey Knights on Thursday at GW Reading.

It was a nice little game. My list wasL

Genestealer Cult Detachment

Patriarch, Level 2
Magos, Level 2
Brood Cycle (2 x Neopytes Squads (Flamer/GL) in Chimeras, Armoured Sentinel with Las, Exterminator Leman Russ)
Subterranean Rising (2 x 6man Hybrids, 5 MetaMorphs with Whips)
12 Genestealers 

Grey Knight List (ish)

Grand Master
Brother Champion
2 squads of terminators 
10 Purifiers in Rhino
Vindicaire Assassin

Just played a simple kill game and did not get a single 6 on Ambush Rolls, so deployed very defensively to stop the assassin and squads killing me off.

Everything kept going back into reserve to redeploy but never really worked until the last turn.

By the end of the game, I tabled my opponent and had lost 6 hybrids and 6 genestealers total.

On happines news, Chaos have received much love in the form of traitor legions and after having poured through it al lteh additional rules and wargear makes perfect sense for each legion, the issue is deciding which way to go forward.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

December Starts - 40K and Bloodbowl

This week sees the release of the Thousand Sons and the pre-order or the awaited 'Traitor Legions'. Hacing had a quick read through of the new Thousand Sons Supplement, a few cool/key points come to mind:
- Points cost is high for these models (23 for a TS, 30 with a flamer)
- To get Tzeentch on your side, in each formation you need to take the max number of units, so this will have to scale up to bigger games
- Magnus is a beast, but has a high cost (still awesome though at Mastery 5)

Space Hulk is back on general release for a limited period. Love the game and if you have not already got a copy, make sure to pick up one!

I have just played my first game of the new bloodbowl system with my skaven team (that again is out of stock on at GW) - winning 3-0 against a Nurgle Team. Love the new models and love the mechanics still. Hoping for more poses and converting up an Island of Blood Rat Ogre to complete the force!

40K Campaign is due to begin at 500pts. The aim was to have 500pts painted but I still need to get done:
 - 5 Genestealers
- 5 Metapmorphs
- 10 Guardsmen
- Magos

It continues....